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Pre sales service

The user or other departments to truthfully, a detailed introduction of the company's products, and provide related technical data is the most perfect, to assist the design unit to carry out technical exchanges, to listen to user and the recommendations of the relevant departments, in the design and manufacture products according to the actual situation, improve the products, to meet the reasonable requirements of users.Provide process reasonable allocation to users according to the gas condition.

In the sale of services

It according to the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the state and the rights and obligations of the signing of the contract strictly comply with the terms of the contractperformance.- after the effective date of the contract to the users and Design Institute to provideequipment drawings and detailed information.
The factory equipment randomly with product certificate, packing list, certificate of inspection, certificate of pressure vessel and instructions for use.

After-sale service

The company headquarters after sale service department, and the establishment ofresident offices in the national multi region, each office is equipped with professional technical staff to provide the PSA technology and the most advanced technical planfor the user, the more timely to provide users with quality after sale service. After saleservice company headquarters phone: 13868185226 / 13588050818

The equipment installation and commissioning period, the company according to the contract and agreed to provide related services.
He received a telex or telephone users, the company customer service servicedepartment will promptly reply, if necessary after sale service personnel can reach the user on-site equipment repair.
We establish user record, help user equipment management; regularly remind users to replace wearing parts, and check the equipment and the matters needing attention;set up customer service services file record, for the maintenance and upkeep of the user free guidance equipment.
The complaint phone: if you are in the process of interaction with the company officeshave any not satisfied, you can be divided into marketing management center polyempty in the statutory working hours dial in complaints Tel: 13868185226 / 13588050818

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