What is pressure swing adsorption

Adsorption principle:

When the gas molecules move to the solid surface, due to the residual gravity of atoms on the solid surface, the time in the gas stays on the solid surface, and the concentration of these molecules on the solid surface increases. This phenomenon is called gas molecules in the solid surface. The solid adsorbed is called adsorbent, and the adsorbed substance is called adsorbate. According to the adsorption between adsorbate and adsorbent, it can be divided into chemical adsorption and physical adsorption.


Principle of gas separation:

When the gas is a mixture, the composition and composition of the adsorbed phase and the gas phase group are caused by the difference of the gravitation of the solid surface to different gas molecules, which constitutes the basis of the gas adsorption separation technology.

The heat released by the adsorption process is called adsorption heat, and the heat absorbed in the desorption process is called desorption heat. The sum of condensation heat and wetting heat of adsorbate of gas mixture. The adsorption heat of different adsorbents for various gas molecules is different.

Pressure swing adsorption commonly used adsorbents are:

The commonly used adsorbents for PSA are silica gel, activated alumina, activated carbon, molecular sieve, etc. in addition, there are also adsorption materials developed for a certain group of separation and adsorption. The success of gas adsorption and separation depends largely on the performance of adsorbent, so the selection of adsorbent is the first problem to determine the adsorbent.

Post time: Nov-10-2020
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