System division of air separation unit

The so-called air separation is the deep cooling of air into liquid. Due to the different boiling points of liquid air components, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are gradually separated. The air separation plant can be divided into the following systems:

1. Air filtration system
The main equipment is self-cleaning air filter.

2. Air compression system
Air pre compression, the main equipment are steam turbine, booster, air compressor, etc.


3. Air precooling and purification system
Firstly, the compressed air is cooled to remove impurities such as moisture and carbon dioxide in the compressed air. The main equipment includes air cooling tower, water cooling tower, Molecular Sieve Purifier, cooling water pump, chilled water pump, etc.

4. Fractionator system
The purified compressed air is deeply cooled and fractionated into oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. the main equipment includes turbine expander and cold box (including main tower, main cooler, main cooler, subcooler, crude argon tower, liquid oxygen pump, liquid pump, etc.) vaporization system
The system stores and vaporizes the liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon in the fractionation, and the main equipment includes cryogenic liquid storage tank, vaporizer, bottle washing pump, filling platform, etc.

Post time: Oct-23-2020
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