Present situation of air separation plant

Air separation unit is a kind of equipment which takes air as raw material, turns air into liquid by compression cycle deep freezing method, and then gradually separates and produces inert gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon from liquid air after rectification. There are many forms and types of air separation equipment produced in China. There are devices for producing gaseous oxygen and nitrogen as well as liquid oxygen and nitrogen. However, there are four basic processes: high pressure, medium pressure, high and low pressure and full low pressure.

Analysis on development status and market prospect trend of air separation plant industry in 2020

The air separation plant is a large complex system, mainly composed of the following subsystems: power system, purification system, refrigeration system, heat exchange system, distillation system, product delivery system, liquid storage system and control system. Mainly refers to the raw material air compressor. Air separation equipment will be air through low temperature separation of oxygen, nitrogen and other products, essentially through energy conversion. Theenergy of the device is mainly input by the raw air compressor. Accordingly, most of the total energy consumption of air separation is the energy consumption of raw air compressor.


The production scale of air separation plant in China has been from the early stage, which can only produce 20m3 / h oxygen generator. It has developed to the capacity of producing 20000 m3 / h, 30000 m3 / h, 50000 m3 / h and 60000 m3 / h large-scale air separation units, and has completed the scientific research stage and is about to manufacture 80000 m3 / h ultra large air separation units.

At present, there is still a gap between China and the world in the overall localization of large-scale air separation plants. In addition, the development of IGCC and other new application fields of air separation process, large-scale air separation rare gas full extraction process, mixing tower to produce low-purity oxygen, ultra-high-purity oxygen, nitrogen extraction process are also large-scale air separation. With the development of “Internet”, the industrial 4.0 system is becoming more and more mature, fully using Internet remote monitoring, establishing remote monitoring system, and collecting large-scale air separation equipment operation in real time Data, and into big data analysis, automatic fault diagnosis, put forward optimization operation suggestions for users, find problems in time, and improve the design scheme. Through joint research and development with fans, pump valves and other industries, the industrial chain of domestic air separation equipment is formed, and the localization rate of large and super large air separation equipment is further improved. Among them, the localization rate of complete sets of air separation equipment with 60000m3 / H level and below is increased from 50% to 70% now to more than 80%. The main reason is to improve the efficiency and reliability of supporting air compressor and booster, and realize the real localization 。

At present, the world-famous air separation equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as air liquide air, air chemical, Linde, praxax, Meisel, etc., are developing in the competition; in recent years, China’s air separation equipment manufacturing industry has experienced a high-speed development stage, and the overall level of equipment operation and management has been further improved, and gradually formed a “tripartite confrontation” situation with Hangyang, Kaikong and chuankong as the core.

Gas separation equipment industry is closely related to overcapacity industries such as iron and steel, metallurgy, glass and so on. In 2018, the industry output value and sales output value continued to rise, reaching 18.079 billion yuan and 17.591 billion yuan respectively. In 2018, the industry’s air separation plant output was 146 sets, equivalent to the total oxygen production capacity of about 2077200 m3 / h.

Post time: Oct-13-2020
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