Precautions for safe use of nitrogen plant

Nitrogen production equipment is a high purity nitrogen production equipment designed and manufactured by pressure swing adsorption technology. Using air as raw material and high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) was used, and microporous molecules were used to selectively adsorb air, so as to achieve the purpose of oxygen and nitrogen separation. The device has the advantages of simple process flow, high degree of automation, fast gas production speed (15 ~ 30 minutes), low energy consumption, high product purity, and can dispatch production in a large range


according to the needs of users, convenient operation and maintenance, low operation cost, and strong adaptability of equipment, so it is more and more welcomed by users.

Nitrogen production equipment needs to be used in special cabins with good ventilation, less dust, no ponding or dripping water, or in relatively clean tunnels. Let’s talk about the precautions for safe operation of nitrogenous fertilizer plant

1. Before start-up, carefully check the whole nitrogen making equipment and admit that there is nothing, parts or other objects left in the air compressor.
2. It is suggested that the vent valve should be in the vent state in the process of nitrogen production to avoid overpressure of air compressor.
3. No welding operation shall be carried out near the oil system, and no welding or other methods shall be used to correct the pressure vessel.
4. Check the reliability of safety equipment (such as safety valve) on time.
5. The maintenance of nitrogen plant must be carried out under the condition of shutdown and power failure.

Post time: Jan-12-2021
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