Nitrogen generator equipment daily maintenance and solutions

When using nitrogen generator, have you considered the following four issues: routine maintenance of nitrogen generator equipment, regular maintenance, common faults and treatment, and operational considerations? These four questions must be considered when using a nitrogen generator.

Let’s take a closer look at these four questions

I. Routine maintenance of equipment

Maintenance of nitrogen system equipment mainly includes maintenance of air compressor, cold dryer, filter and nitrogen generator.

The daily maintenance of the air compressor is mainly to check whether the air compressor storage tank drain is blocked, whether the cooling hole is blocked; Cooler radiator should be cleaned regularly; Filter outlet should be checked for blockage;

Check whether the exhaust outlet of nitrogen generator muffler is unblocked. The appearance of all equipment should be kept clean and washed with a wet cloth or neutral soapy water.

Ii. Regular maintenance of equipment

The maintenance of the oil screw air compressor mainly includes the regular replacement of the inlet filter (which will be blocked by dust) and the annual replacement of the lubricating oil and oil separator. Compressor maintenance also includes regular replenishment and oil changes. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the nitrogen production system and the long service life of the compressor, the compressor must be maintained according to the regular maintenance methods and measures recommended by the compressor manufacturers.

The regular maintenance of the air-cooled dryer is mainly to purge and clean the drain outlet regularly. Please read the manual of operation and maintenance of the air-cooled dryer carefully and maintain it strictly in accordance with the regular maintenance methods and measures recommended by the plant.

The periodic maintenance of the filter is to change the filter element regularly according to the usage of the filter. If the filter pressure difference is too large, please replace the filter element in time. Please refer to the filter manufacturer’s recommended regular maintenance methods and measures to maintain the filter.

The nitrogen generator does not need regular maintenance. The user can check whether the nitrogen generator is working normally during the annual overhaul of all equipment of the company (plant)


Common equipment faults and treatment

Troubleshooting: Turn on the power switch and the power indicator is not on

1. The power is not connected

2. Power fuse is damaged

3. Power switch is damaged

4. Turn on the power

5. Replace the power fuse

6. Replace the power switch

The process indicator is not on

1. Damaged indicator light or poor connection

2. PLC failure

3. Connect the wires or replace the indicator light

4. Check the controller.

5, abnormal process indication, PLC fault check controller, if there is a problem, timely contact with the manufacturer

The pressure of the left adsorption tank cannot rise to the normal value during left suction

1. Incorrect setting of ignition gas pressure

2, control the left oil suction solenoid valve damage

3. Left suction inlet valve is not opened

4. Set the pilot gas pressure to 1/2 of the air pressure

5, repair or replace the solenoid valve

6. Check the pipe valves.

7. Repair or replace in case of failure

8. When the pressure is equal, the pressure of left and right adsorption tanks cannot be balanced

9, control the balance of pressure of the solenoid valve damage

10. The upper and lower balancing valve is not opened

Repair or replace the solenoid valve

12. Check the balance valve.

13. Repair or replace in case of failure

The pressure of the right adsorption tank cannot rise to the normal value when right suction

1, control the right oil suction solenoid valve damage

2. The right suction valve is not opened

3, repair or replace the solenoid valve

4, check the pipeline valve, if there is a fault should be repaired or replaced

When inhalation left and right, muffler continuous exhaust, adsorption tank pressure does not rise

1. The return valve is too large

2. Solenoid valve is damaged

3, balance valve leakage

4, desorption valve leakage

5. Adjust the opening of the blowback valve to an appropriate level

6. Repair or replace solenoid valve

7. Repair or replace pipeline valves

The purity of nitrogen fluctuates during use

1. Pressure fluctuation

2. Fluctuation of natural gas consumption

3. Maintenance and repair of air compressor

4. Keep the air consumption not exceeding the rated flow

The figures shown on the nitrogen meter are inaccurate

1. Air is coming in

2. Oxygen probe failure

3. Verification of oxygen probe and purity measurement system

4. Replace oxygen probe

Notes for operation of nitrogen generator

1, according to the gas pressure and gas consumption, adjust the pressure regulating valve before the flow meter and the nitrogen production valve after the flow meter. Do not arbitrarily increase the flow to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2, intake valve and nitrogen valve opening should not be too large, to ensure the best purity.

3. The valve adjusted by the debugging personnel shall not rotate at will, so as not to affect the purity.

4. Do not remove the valve in the electric cabinet at will.

5, the operator should check the four pressure gauges on the machine regularly, and record the pressure changes daily, so as to carry out equipment fault analysis.

6. Regularly observe outlet pressure, flowmeter indication and nitrogen purity, and compare with the value on the performance page to find out problems and solve them in time.

7. Ensure the air quality according to the technical requirements of air compressor, air dryer and filter. The air compressor and the cold dry machine should be repaired at least once a year. The wearing parts should be replaced and maintained according to the Equipment Maintenance Regulations. When the pressure difference between the front and back of the filter is ≥0.05~ 0.1mpa, the filter element must be replaced in time.

8. Fill out a daily record.

Post time: Aug-25-2020
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