Introduction of equipment for purification of nitrogen and hydrogen

Hangzhou poly hydrogen nitrogen air separation equipment Co. Ltd production of purification equipment is under the effect of catalyst, reaction of hydrogen and hydrogen source system access, remove the residual oxygen after further dehydrogenation, then enter the deep dehydration drying system, high purity nitrogen.

Technical index of the equipment for purification of nitrogen and hydrogen

Nitrogen production: 10-3000Nm3/h

Purity: 99.9995%

Oxygen content: less than 2PPm

Hydrogen content: 500 PPm-5% (adjustable, by the technology of oxygen, hydrogen content)

The dew point: less than or equal to 60 DEG C

Technical features of nitrogen purification equipment


1 automatic control of hydrogenation, high degree of automation, safe and reliable;
2 high efficient catalyst, advanced technology, stable performance;
3 the use of safe and reliable control components, reliable operation;
4 kinds of intelligent linkage venting, fault alarm, users discover and solve the problem.
5 the high efficiency catalyst at room temperature without activation of oxygen, oxygen, suitable for a wide range of production requirements for excess hydrogen technology.

Post time: Oct-27-2020
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