How to prolong the life of nitrogen generator

At present, nitrogen production equipment has become a necessary equipment for many enterprises, but many workers only know how to operate, do not know how to maintain the equipment.
Nitrogen production equipment is mainly used for the purification of protective gas in metal heat treatment process, industrial gas in chemistry and various storage pipelines, as well as the production of rubber, plastic products and other products. It can also be used for the exhaust gas emitted for fresh-keeping packaging in food industry.
Of course, such a good product is also very good in the medical industry. Among them, the purity, stability, pressure and flow rate are different. Can meet the needs of different customers.
For any machine, maintenance is very important, good maintenance can effectively extend the service life of nitrogen machine. In addition to maintenance, the correct use of nitrogen machine to extend the life of machinery and equipment is also very important.
1. Turn off all power switches, including nitrogen generator, nitrogen inlet valve and sampling valve, until the pressure relief of system and pipeline is completed. When sampling with the adjustable oxygen analyzer, adjust the pressure of the pressure reducing valve to 1.0 bar, adjust the flow rate of the sampling flowmeter, and adjust the air volume to about 1. Pay attention to that the air volume should not be too large, and start to test the purity of nitrogen.
2. When the compressed air pressure reaches above 0.7 MPa, open the stop valve on the nitrogen generator, and observe the pressure change on the absorption tank and whether the pneumatic valve works normally.
3. The pressure of regeneration tower is zero. When the pressure of two towers is even, it should be close to half of the original working tower pressure.
4. Close the whole system and all parts of the system, and observe whether the nitrogen system works normally when the pressure of the adsorption tank of the nitrogen generator reaches about 0.6MPa.

Post time: Dec-30-2020
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