How to choose a nitrogen generator

In production and life, the use of nitrogen is very large, such as food packaging, and nitrogen generator is particularly important in the production process, but do friends know how to choose nitrogen machine? What should be paid attention to when choosing nitrogen generator?

Nitrogen machine selection method 1: according to their own actual situation and industry requirements to choose the nitrogen generator in line with the demand. There are many types of nitrogen generators. For example, metallurgy and metal processing industry require more than 99.9995% nitrogen purity, while electronic industry requires more than 99.99% nitrogen. Therefore, the type and quality of nitrogen generator used are quite different. Therefore, industry factors should be considered when selecting nitrogen generator.

Nitrogen generator selection method 2: check the manufacturer of nitrogen generator. Different nitrogen generator manufacturers produce different nitrogen


Generator. We can consider all aspects of the situation to choose the nitrogen generator.

The third method of nitrogen generator selection: To evaluate the production indicators of nitrogen generator. Some indicators of nitrogen generator are not clear enough in production, so we should pay special attention to it. Moreover, all indicators are qualified and excellent nitrogen generator, and the quality will not be too bad, so we can choose.

Selection method 4 of nitrogen generator: the quality of nitrogen generator can be judged by the properties of nitrogen generator, such as nitrogen generation capacity and nitrogen production speed of nitrogen generator, smooth operation system, corrosion resistance of manufacturing materials and air leakage rate.

Post time: Oct-09-2020
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