High efficient oil remover product introduction

ZAY Hangzhou poly air separation equipment Co. Ltd production of high efficient oil remover adopts the scientific set spiral separation, pre filtering and condensation type fine filter three purification into one, can effectively remove water, oil, dust filter, the purification process of compressed air can be shortened, the precision filter by postprocessing the filtering precision can reach 0.01um, the residual oil content is less than 0.03mg/Nm3, the air purification quality has been a reliable guarantee.


This product adopts our company recently developed elaborate filter, which is characterized by compact structure, small size, high purification efficiency, easy


to replace and install, to ensure the use of the effect.

Working principle

An efficient oil removing device comprises an upper and a lower cylinder, a middle tray, a spiral separator, a pre filter assembly, a fine filtering component, an instrument and a sewage component (not shown in the figure). The compressed air contains a large number of suspended particles, water and oil into the first cylinder body, the liquid oil and water is deposited at the bottom by spiral separation, and the gas is discharged through the discharge assembly, transfer into the pre filter assembly, solid and liquid particles to remove gas into the larger; finally in addition to the core element for fine oil filter, gas through the combination of filter bed interception, collision, diffusion, gravity settling effect, the tiny oil and water aerosol particles trapped in a cross point of superfine fiber at the rally in the process through the filter bed, and gradually grew up, the final settlement in the heavy force to carry out gas-liquid separation layer, so as to obtain clean (no oil, water, clean compressed air).

Technical index

Working pressure: 0.6-0.1Mpa (according to the requirements of 1.0-3.0Mpa)

Intake air temperature: less than or equal to 50 DEG C

Gas oil content: <0.1-0.01PPm

Pressure loss: less than 0.02Mpa


Post time: Sep-29-2020
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