Development prospect of air separation plant

Since July 2018, China’s large-scale air separation equipment and gas separation equipment industry has been booming in production and sales, and orders from large enterprises have continued. But at the same time, there are still many problems in the air separation industry, such as a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, uneven manufacturing level and product quality, management level and profitability need to be improved, and the overall industrial chain needs to be further extended. Compared with the multinational companies, there is still a certain gap between China’s air separation equipment enterprises in terms of industry, product structure, production scale, technology and management.

In recent years, China’s air separation market has shown great potential, creating a large space for the development of air separation equipment and industrial gas industry. Air separation equipment is widely used in traditional metallurgy, energy, petrochemical, modern coal chemical industry, automobile, energy-saving building and other fields, and air separation equipment is also used in chip processing process. Even the space launch equipment, which provides the fuel for the satellite launch, needs to be separated from the space. With the upgrading of upstream and downstream refining, coal chemical and steel production capacity, the three industries are expected to drive a total investment of about 40 billion yuan in air separation related equipment in the next three years, with an annual demand of more than 10 billion yuan for air separation equipment. In the market competition, the enterprises with air separation equipment and industrial gas business at the same time have a greater market competitive advantage.


Analysis on market development trend of air separation plant

It is a common development mode for foreign air separation equipment manufacturers to develop from equipment manufacturers to gas product suppliers. At present, the major international gas product suppliers are all developed by air separation equipment manufacturers. The manufacturing and sales business of gas products is an extension of the manufacturing business of air separation equipment. The air separation equipment manufacturing enterprises engaged in the sales business of gas products have the advantages of equipment manufacturing, operation management and customer resources. At the same time, the sales business of gas products is stable and has strong regional monopoly The business model will gradually develop from equipment manufacturing to gas sales.

Air separation equipment manufacturing industry is a complex system engineering, involving design, manufacturing, installation, materials, control, transportation, environmental engineering, investment and financing, planning and other aspects. An important task of the whole industry is to further extend the product chain while expanding and strengthening the enterprise, and strive to transform to “manufacturing + service”, so as to achieve high-quality development.

The “one belt, one road” initiative one has enhanced the understanding one industry and one belt, one road, and promoted the export of our gas separation equipment industry. In recent years, under the strong promotion of the national policies of developing emerging industries, de capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction, new demand for air separation equipment and other gas separation equipment has been ushered in. Most enterprises in the gas separation equipment industry have walked out of the predicament and presented the following characteristics: 1) the number of large and extra large air separation equipment has increased. In recent years, the newly added orders have exceeded the sum of the previous two years, especially for the air separation plant with the level of 80000 m3 / h, which is the highest in history. ② Generally speaking, coal chemical industry is the mainstream of demand in recent years, but there are also many demands in metallurgical industry, mainly from coal chemical industry, petroleum refining and metallurgy industry, with oxygen production capacity of 45% in coal chemical industry, 30% in petroleum refining and 25% in metallurgy industry. ③ Users put forward higher requirements on the technical requirements, energy consumption, reliability and delivery period of air separation equipment. It is far from enough to only meet the oxygen output.

Post time: Oct-19-2020
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