Adsorption dryer

Micro heat regeneration adsorption compressed air dryer is a kind of purification equipment which uses the molecular force on the surface of porous solid material to absorb moisture in gas, so as to obtain low dew point temperature, dry and clean gas. It uses pore size and water molecular diameter.

Similar activated alumina is used as adsorbent, adopting the most advanced variable adsorption principle in the world.

The partial pressure of water molecules is greater than that of water molecules in adsorbent. Water molecules enter into the adsorbent and cool on the surface of adsorbent.


sdfCondense into water drops and release the condensation heat, which is stored in the upper part of the adsorption tower. When regenerating, use the heater to turn about 3 ~ 7% left.

The dry air on the right side is heated to 110 ℃ to 150 ℃ and is throttled by the ball valve into the regeneration cylinder under normal pressure to make the moisture in the adsorbent.

With heated air, the water in the adsorption tower can be easily resolved. After adsorption, regeneration and adsorption cycle, the adsorbent.

The main technology of the product is that the compressed air is continuously adsorbed and dried to obtain the deeply dried gas.

It is the first choice for users who want to obtain atmospheric dew point gas source below – 23 ℃.

The two towers exchange continuously and output dry and clean compressed air. The water content of purified air can reach the pressure dew point of – 40 ℃.

So as to obtain the deep drying water-free and oil-free high-purity compressed air to meet the needs of gas consumption. Due to the reasonable working cycle and the full use of hot gas regeneration, the regeneration effect is good, energy saving and gas consumption is small.

Post time: Sep-17-2020
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