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One、 membrane separation technology, the principle of oxygen equipment Membrane separation air separation technology is a high-tech technology eighty years abroad, new genus, polymer materials science, membrane separation oxygen generation equipment is the use of polymer with special selective separationpolymerization fiber material as a separate component, in a driving force, the dual ormultiple tuples for through the membrane of different rates and achieve the separation or specific group ...

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    One、 membrane separation technology, the principle of oxygen equipment
    Membrane separation air separation technology is a high-tech technology eighty years abroad, new genus, polymer materials science, membrane separation oxygen generation equipment is the use of polymer with special selective separationpolymerization fiber material as a separate component, in a driving force, the dual ormultiple tuples for through the membrane of different rates and achieve the separation or specific group the purpose of continuous enrichment.
    When air with pressure through membrane fiber capillary, the molecules of a gasunder pressure, high pressure side in the first film contact, then adsorption,dissolution, diffusion, exsolution, escape. Among them, all kinds of gas in the air withdifferent penetration rate in through the membrane wall, water vapor, carbon dioxide,oxygen, helium through the high pressure side of the membrane permeability rapidlyfilter out enrichment as the product gas output, but the nitrogen because by relativerate of the film is slow and stranded in the film inside the excluded. Oxygen is discharged from the permeate side when the outlet pressure is approximate to normal pressure, membrane separation oxygen system is a modular structure design and nomoving parts, only rely on compressed air or vacuum powered by direct extraction canprovide continuous and stable oxygen.
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    Two, types and properties of membrane oxygen enrichment
    Oxygen enriched membrane component is mainly divided into roll, hollow type and plate type three
    Roll membrane oxygen concentration: 27-31%.
    Hollow membrane component: the oxygen concentration 3045%.
    Plate membrane module: rich oxygen purity 23-35%
    The rich oxygen flow: 0.04-50000NM3/h.
    When the oxygen concentration is about 30%, the scale is less than 50000Nm3/h,membrane method of investment, operation and maintenance cost is only the cryogenic and (V) by PSA 66% to 98%, and the scale is small, the membrane methodis more economic.
    Three, the advantages of membrane oxygen enrichment
    Using the “local oxygen increasing”, “ladder type combustion” and “symmetrical combustion” and a number of patented technology, can achieve:
    1 to improve the combustion zone flame temperature and decrease smoke
    The combustion process is the oxygen in the air oxidation process involved in fuel andissued at the same time, the light and heat, heat transfer is generally carried out through        the radiation, conduction and convection in three ways. These three kinds oftransmission way which one kind of the biggest effect mainly depends on the followingfactors: one is the flame type and shape; two is the content of the added oxygen in the air; the three is the furnace surrounding case etc.. Because the four party rate and temperature of heat transfer is proportional to, so to improve the combustion temperature will greatly increase the heat radiation.
    From the graph we can draw the following several points:
    The flame temperature increases with the increase of oxygen concentration.
    The increased gradually with the concentration of oxygen enriched air, the flame temperature of the magnitude of the increase will gradually decline, in adiabatic condition, the oxygen content of the air is increased from 23% to 25%, the flame temperature increase of 100 DEG C; oxygen content is increased from 25% to 27%,the same is to increase the oxygen content of 2%, but the flame temperature increase of only about 30 C. Therefore, in order to effectively use of oxygen enriched air, theconcentration should not be high. Press the air excess coefficient of m=1.1 ~ 1.5organization of flame, oxygen enriched air concentration from 23% to 27% is appropriate, and the oxygen content is increased from 21% to 23%, the effect is obvious.
    The excess air coefficient m should not be too large, otherwise the same concentration of oxygen enriched air combustion, the flame temperature is low.Usually in the organization of combustion, the air excess coefficient of most generalcontrol in 1.05 ~ 1.1, to get a high flame temperature, and can complete combustion.
    2, accelerate the combustion speed, promote complete combustion
    To make the fuel to burn completely, must make the fuel and air mixing uniform or full contact, oxygen enriched air to participate in combustion, not only make the flamebecomes shorter, increase the intensity of combustion, accelerating the combustion speed, get the heat conduction, good at the same time, temperature increase, will be advantageous to the combustion reaction completely.
    3 lower fuel ignition temperature and burnout temperature
    The level of fuel ignition temperature is not a constant and its combustion condition,heating speed, air quantity, the factors closely related to ambient temperature etc..Oxygen enriched air to participate in combustion, will help reduce the fuel ignition temperature, but also can reduce the flame size, and an increase in unit volume heat release.
    4 lower emissions after combustion
    The combustion process is usually only accounted for a total of about 1/5 of oxygen in combustion, while the rest accounted for 4/5 of the nitrogen instead of combustion,also with the burning of the fuel away a lot of heat, with the increasing oxygen content in air, exhaust volume gradually reduced, with enriched oxygen content 27% andoxygen levels of 21% common air combustion, exhaust volume in m=1 is reduced to about 22%. Smoke also decreased significantly, in favor of radical pollution.
    5, increase the heat utilization rate
    By air (usually 21% oxygen) combustion, heating temperature is 1300 degrees centigrade, which can utilize the heat of Q1 was 42%, while the use of 26% oxygenoxygen enriched air combustion, can utilize the heat of Q2 is 56%, an increase of 14%, and with the heating temperature increasing and the oxygen concentrationincreased, the increase in the proportion of the greater, and some an increase of 33%, thus the better the energy saving.
    6 reducing excess air coefficient
    Oxygen enriched combustion, can reduce the excess air coefficient, so as to achievethe purpose of energy saving.
    Four, plate type membrane and oxygen system composition and process
    Blower into the air through the first through the filter materials of porous medium, the mechanical impurity is removed most of the dust. Into the internal oxygen enriched membrane separator after purification air, in the post stage vacuum pump negative pressure under the pull, through air distribution hole, uniformly distributed around theoxygen enriched membrane. The permeability of gases such as O2, H2O, high CO2quickly through the membrane wall, in the permeate side by the collector to collect the enrichment, oxygen rich gas, the oxygen concentration is about 23 ~ 35%; while the gas permeability of small such as N2, Ar and its penetration time is long, most retain not through the membrane, and keep the in the retentate side of the membrane into the atmosphere, the nitrogen rich gas discharged by the purity reached 82 ~ 90%.This using membrane separation materials based negative pressure oxygen nitrogen separation technology is negative pressure process by membrane separation of oxygen and nitrogen. MB, MJ series can be negative pressure operation to realize theseparation of oxygen and nitrogen.
    Plate type membrane oxygen enrichment system applies only to negative pressure operation, designed to meet the special occasions membrane components need and the development of suitable for such as 3-5L small portable oxygen to tons of large industrial oxygen enriched with oxygen demand, especially with superior cost-effectivein oxygen enriched combustion, large oxygen ventilation equipment has the advantages of convenient installation, design module; the can meet the needs of your growing oxygen demand.
    Characteristics of flat membrane oxygen system
    The system uses air as raw material, does not need any auxiliary material, no pollutionof waste, environmental oxygen
    The system adopts advanced membrane separation technology, combined with the ATF unit technology, innovation has the advantages of simple structure, small volume,only need to     connect the installation is simple, can run, easy to use.
    The open, parking is convenient and rapid, can be reached within 10 minutes after driving oxygen concentration.
    The no valve switching and other moving parts, do not need regular replacement of wearing parts, no maintenance.
    It can adapt to the development need continuous oxygen supply simplecompatibilization.
    The complete system are low voltage system, program control, automatic alarm system with, safe and reliable operation.
    The high operating flexibility, oxygen purity and yield can be arbitrarily adjusted.
    * no transformer and phase transition process, maximum limit working vacuumabsolute pressure of up to 5Kpa.
    The key separation coefficient of membrane oxygen enrichment membrane separatorhas high and infiltration capacity and long service life, usually more than 5 years.
    We can according to user requirements to achieve automatic control, boosterexpansion
    In the oxygen content of 25 ~ 35% of the oxygen enriched air, the most advantages ofperformance to price ratio, energy consumption (0.12Kw/M3)
    Five, the main field of application of membrane oxygen enrichment
    Glass kiln, cement kiln, ceramic kiln.
    Industrial boiler (furnace, chain stoker furnace, pulverized coal furnace, boiling furnace, fuel furnace, gas furnace, fast charging), heating furnace, smelting furnaceetc..
    The oxidation reaction, fermentation.
    Gas making furnace.
    Health care, oxygen enriched air conditioning, plateau oxygen bar.
    Six, the combustion supporting technology for the furnace feasibility analysis
    Technical feasibility: through practical application that the continuous innovation and improvement of 10 years and dozens of industrial users, the technology is more mature and feasible, as users use 2 years after summary: only preheating system andrich oxygen nozzle and the boiler contacting, without any influence on theperformance and safety of boiler.
    The remarkable comprehensive benefit: according to the practical application thatdozens of users, with production, improve product quality, energy saving. Generally less than two years to recover the full investment, and prolonging the life, stabilize the furnace condition, favorable environmental protection etc..
    The site easy to implement: site of the implementation of reform and operation is relatively simple, only need to add a set of membrane oxygen enrichment combustionsystem can be in the relevant furnaces near, the key is to design the preheating system and rich oxygen nozzle. On the kiln operator’s, are almost brought a newsense of equipment, which can reduce the labor intensity of their, and can improve their work environment.

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