VPSA vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology

Vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology

Vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology is the use of pressure swing adsorption principle, air through a blower pressure, gas molecules through a bed of molecular sieve adsorption of lithium, lithium nitrogen by molecular sieve adsorption, oxygen due to the adsorption of less, in the gas phase is enriched inand out of the adsorption bed, so as to obtain the product of oxygen, nitrogen and oxygen separation, when molecular sieve the adsorption of nitrogen is close to saturation, stop air and vacuum pump for pumping negative pressure adsorptionbed, nitrogen adsorption desorption of lithium on molecular sieve, molecular sieve regeneration and reuse, adsorption bed for more than two switches work, can continuously produce high quality oxygen.

Product features:

Imported lithium molecular sieve adsorbent, advanced performance, less consumption, long service life

Using oxygen adsorption tower technology selected in a reliable, oxygen, high yield,low energy consumption.

High purity, can reach 90 ~ 95%, the production cost is low.

Device has stable operation, high reliability

High degree of automation, good safety performance.

Widely used: PCI technology, lead smelting, copper smelting, copper smelting,miscellaneous pieces of glass melting, papermaking, chemical industry etc..


Post time: Sep-05-2018
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